/  Sergio Pone

Sergio Pone

Naples, 1958. Architect and PhD in “Technology of architecture” at Politecnico di Milano, he is presently Associate professor at the University of Naples “Federico II”, where he coordinates a Construction studio and teaches at the Master’s thesis studio. Since 2011, he has also coordinated the postgraduate subject “BUILD” (Building and Urban Innovative Lighting Design).
His research areas are on building industrialisation and material culture; he is an expert in technological innovation, with a specific focus on large span structures and timber post-formed gridshells.


On this topic, he has coordinated research activities in academia, as well as in partnership with industry, and has been supervisor of two PhD theses. With his research team, he has built eleven gridshell coverage.

He gave several presentations in national and international conferences, and published many articles and books, including “Insegnare a Costruire” , 2000, “L’idea di struttura”, Franco Angeli, 2005, “Civil Engineering” and “Technology of Architecture” entries for the latest release of the Treccani dictionary and “Gridshell. I gusci a graticcio in legno tra innovazione e sperimentazione”, Alinea , 2013.