ReS (Resonant String shell)

is an acoustic shell for open-air Chamber Music concert, developed from a Fan-Shaped plan mixed with the silhouette of old fashioned gramophones, able to amplify and project the sound according to a certain directivity. Each and every part of the shell is made of timber and reversible joints with no glue, thus allowing a simple manufacturing, a sustainable process and a cost effective structure. A sophisticated digital form finding process lays behind such a technological simplification. ReS can be fine tuned for different stage settings, before the beginning of each performance, in order to guarantee a high level of flexibility to the overall system.

ReS has won the Peter Lord Award 2015, conferred by IOA (Institute of Acoustic of United Kingdom), as a “project that showcases outstanding and innovative acoustic design”

(ReS team: Serafino Di Rosario, Sergio Pone, Sofia Colabella, Bianca Parenti, Davide Ercolano, Daniele Lancia, Eduardo Pignatelli)

2012 version

2013 version

2014 version

2015 version