/  Clara Contadini

Clara Contadini

born in Naples (Italy) on the 06/12/1982, University degree in “Culture and Administration of Cultural Heritage”, University degree in Viola from the Conservatory Academy of Music, after the graduated as “Violin Maker expert in the design, construction and restoration of stringed instruments” in 2004 founded, together with other members, the “Liuteria Anema e Corde” in Naples (Italy), where she currently works as a Master Luthier of musical instruments. With years of research and studies she proposes the diffusion of the traditional Neapolitan Lutiery School, with particular inspiration from the violin making models of the Gagliano Family, introducing personal and original elements in the classic models. A foundation of Liuteria Anema e Corde workshop has always been its rigorous construction of its instruments, made entirely by hand with personal spurit to all works, respecting the ancient techniques of traditional violin making, in opposition to the increasing spread of impersonal and serial instruments.