Villa Pennisi in Musica

Hiroki Tanigaki – architect&maker

The time in harmony at Villa Pennisi

After a week of collaboration, the tiny space between the villa and the garden has become a place for harmony.
Music, Light, Architecture and People. Time has gained its composition and harmony from all of these elements.
The intense impression at the night of inauguration concert is deeply engraved in my mind with the sensitive vibration of the sounds of sextet, gently enfolding twilight which provide light to the space, and the dimly illuminated faces of the spectators.
Our mind were moved and our emotion were elicited due to this harmony of time created during the week in Villa Pennisi by all the collaboration and teamwork among various people and expertise (Musicians, Acoustic Engineer, Lighting Designer, Architects, Spectators).
I am honored to be part of this process and was pleased to learn intensively the passion and the notes behind the realization of harmony and the time of emotion.
All of our work, passion and love during this workshop has culminated in the climax of beautiful moment which we all shared in the Villa Pennisi in the concerts.
I would like to show my gratitude to all the people involved in this workshop.
photo by Daniele Lancia
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